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Applications will be open from 12 November 2013 to 10 January 2014.


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Online application form

To process your application, you must complete the online form (available [here] from 12 November 2013 following the guidelines provided below.

All fields marked with a red asterisk in the form are mandatory—pay particular attention to the e-mail address provided. In some fields, examples are provided; please follow them attentively.

Upon completion of your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation message by e-mail; amongst other information, it contains your reference code—please keep it for future use.

Abstract Format

Submission of an abstract is mandatory. You may use an abstract of an almost completed or recently completed thesis, of your current work, or of future projects. The selection procedure will take into consideration also this abstract. Of the selected scholars, some will be invited to make an oral presentation. The abstract should be in English and structured as follows.

Title. The title must start in uppercase and continue in lowercase, except for conventional terms (ATP, DNA, NFκB, etc). Example:
   This title is written correctly
   This Title is Not Properly Written

Authors. If more than one author, underline your name and use commas to separate the names; do not use 'and' before the last author. Write the names as initials, followed by the surname. If more than one affiliation, use sequential superscript numbers to identify each institution. Example:
   M. Rossi1, J. Doe2, F. Bloggs1,2
   1Dept Biomembranes, Golgi & Veratti Univ., Pavia, Italy
   2Dept Bioblast Analyses, Altmann Univ., Leipzig, Germany

Abstract text. Keep the abstract text to within 2500 characters, spaces included. If this text is too long, your abstract submission will fail. This text should be in a single paragraph and may cite up to a maximum of two journal references.


As part of your application, you are required to provide a short text (a single paragraph, with no more than 50 words), explaining why this course would be beneficial for you.

Synoptic CV

The CV is an integral part of your application. Please provide a synoptic CV on a single A4 page, as a PDF file; longer CVs will be discarded. This file must be uploaded after your application, through your personal myIAS2014 page.

Letter of recommendation

In order to be considered, applications need to be complemented by a letter of recommendation from the applicant's mentor. This should be e-mailed—as PDF files, within 10 January 2014—to IAS.2014@azuleon.org by your mentor. The PDF files should be labelled as YourSurname_ReferenceNumber_IAS2014.pdfe.g., Smith_a1b2_IAS2014.pdf.


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12 November 2013


10 January 2014

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Notification of selections
16 January 2014

Selected applicants must confirm their acceptance by:
23 January 2014

Deadline for payment
14 February 2014

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